Friday, September 10, 2010

Samsung Fascinate + Bing? Who the f*ck uses this crap?!

I was actually excited to hear the news on the latest release of the Samsung Galaxy S line for Verizon. I felt there was something wrong prior to release when I was looking through some of the early demos shown on youtube. I think I wasn't the only person who saw a Bing search engine bar on it and cringed. If you didn't cringe, then stop reading now. If you were as confused as I was, continue reading. So it turns out Bing is in fact in the new Samsung Fascinate. This is reminiscent of Verizon, pre-2007. Do you remember those awfuly bland red VZW menus?

When I purchased my Android device I did so for the following reasons: 1) Android OS 2) Google Search 3)Freedom to modify the usability of the phone itself 4)Not an iPhone.

Why would Verizon consider putting a non-Google search engine on a Google phone? I personally have no clue (Google Verizon-Bing deal). There's just something seemingly unholy about seeing a Microsoft P.O.S. on a Google phone. I wish they included a way to be able to change the default search engine, or maybe even allow multiple search engines.

I'd generally recommend Android devices to anyone seeking advice in choosing a smartphone, but I'm finding it really difficult to recommend the Samsung Fascinate to anyone. In fact, I urge people to stay away from it completely, not necessarily because it's a bad phone, but mostly because other smart phones don't have a P.O.S. search engine embedded into it.

For me that's not even the most frustrating part. The most frustrating part is that if this BS continues I may end up sodomizing myself with an iPhone like most Apple customers.

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  1. What do you think about the samsung tablet? IM debating on getting it