Monday, October 4, 2010

Cellphone plans: Wallet getting thinner?

I've recently been researching different plans amongst the main 4 nationwide cell phone carriers and have come to a determination that no matter which cell phone carrier you have, you will end up paying $80+ tax included.

We have T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. In order to make things simple, I am only going to tackle the single line with a text package and additional smartphone data plan. (taxes/fees excluded)

$79.99 Talk Text Web Plan
500 Mins
Unlimited Text/Web
Unlimited N/Wkn Mins

$39.99 Nation 450
$25.00 2 Gig Data
$15.00 1500 Text
= $79.99
450 Mins
5000 N/Wkn Mins
*Rollover mins*

$69.99 Sprint Everything Data
Unlimited Talk*/Text/Data
*Unlimited calls only to mobile phones

Verizon Wireless:
$59.99 Nationwide Talk/Text
$30.00 Unlimited Data
= $89.99
450 Mins
Unlimited Text
Unlimited Data

From what I have listed, it would appear that Sprint does have the best value as it has everything unlimited for lowest monthly fee. While at the top of this list is Verizon Wireless at $90/month. To be very honest, I have to commend Sprint for promoting this type of plan as it is quite clear and in turn less confusing for the consumer. If only other carriers take note of this and make similar changes to their plans as well.

I would like to also suggest an alternative to all of these 4 carriers. I had recently found out about Virgin Mobile's $25 monthly plans which comes with 300 Mins w/ unlimited Text and Data. The phone selections are quite slim, however there are Blackberries ($10 additional) and the soon to be released Samsung Intercept. The best thing about all of this is that there is no contract, except you will have to pay $250 for the price of the phone. It might seem like a lot now, however in a few months you'll easily be saving a lot more than if you had signed up with the other carriers. Link:

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