Monday, November 15, 2010

Blackberry got impregnated by Android!! Droid Pro Available NOW!!

My wish has become a reality! A Blackberry-like device with Android OS inside. There are usually 2 different groups of smartphone users, people who can deal with touch screen, and people who needs a QWERTY physical keyboard. With the release of the Droid Pro, people can now have the best of both worlds. It is operated just like a regular touchscreen, however you can start typing to initiate a search or command.

It's pretty clear that Motorola wanted to take what has been working great for RIM, which was the physical keyboard. With that newest addition, along with the 1 GHz processor and 2 gig internal memory, Android is ready to dethrone the QWERTY king. RIM better start working on something new. (hint hint Webkit) This release will definitely snag a few Blackberry users away from RIM.

It is currently being sold for $179.99 after rebate w/ 2 year contract through Verizon Wireless.


  1. Out of my price range but, definitely some thing to put on my wish list of stuff I would like to own but can't afford.

  2. thats fuckin sweet! I want this phone