Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sony PSP+Phone: How can two things be so terrible?

1994 was a defining year for the gaming industry. Sony's first jump into the videogame console market proved to be successful and spawned 2 more consoles. Along the way, Sony had the courage to once again challenge the reigning champ Nintendo in the handheld console market with the Sony PSP. Despite what people may say, the Sony PSP has solidified itself as a serious portable console and is widely owned by many teen and adult gamers. Now here is the dilemma, why would you create a new product that will be up against your flagship portable console?

The only outcome I can foresee from experiment is either one of their products failing, if not both. Phone functionality aside, the idea of gaming on a cellphone is widely used on most advanced phones i.e. iPhone, Android devices is nothing new. There is no innovation in terms of graphics or gameplay that will set itself from other similar devices that can play similar, if not the same game.

Luckily, Sony is not calling this device a PSP Phone and have dubbed it the Sony Xperia Play. The last thing Sony would want to do is run the Playstation/PSP name into the mud.

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