Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nokia: Can you count?

Oh Nokia, how we miss seeing you being mentioned in the mobile news sites. Unfortunately for Nokia, nothing ever good comes out of it. Most recently Nokia has decided to go back to its' old number system for their mobile phones. They're attributing this to helping consumers who are mentally challenged to memorize a name. Here is the link to their recent blog: http://conversations.nokia.com/2011/08/01/whats-in-a-name-nokias-product-name-conventions/

I might have rephrased it differently than Nokia did on their recent blog, nevertheless it was implied in their message that consumers need to be treated like children. "People understand the logic behind ‘the bigger the number, the more you get’ philosophy." One thing Nokia needs to do in order to become relevant once again in the mobile community is to stop treating us like children.

If anything has been proven to be memorable in the past 5 years it's that consumers are more likely to remember a name/trademark/color rather than a series of numbers. When we think of the word "iPod" or "Droid", we can attached a phone to that name. Can anyone recall the 3650? No? Don't worry I don't expect anyone to. It was only the first U.S. phone with an integrated camera including the symbian OS (which was revolutionary for it's time).

This move by Nokia is only covering up the real issue here, which is the lack of support by their developers on their OS and inability to take responsibility for segmenting their phone lines. The light at the end of the tunnel for them is the Windows platform that they will be moving towards next quarter. Suggestion to all my readers, come back and see Nokia in one year and watch as they retract this statement and release trendy names for their new Windows powered phones.

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